CULTURALLY INAPPROPRIATE: Prank Video Makes Fun of Thai Peoples’ English and PEOPLE ARE FURIOUS!

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

CULTURALLY INAPPROPRIATE: Prank Video Makes Fun of Thai Peoples' English and PEOPLE ARE FURIOUS! image

A popular Youtuber from America is making fun of Thai people and their English!

Nate Bartling is a Youtube star who lives in Thailand and he posted a new video where he goes up to people on the street and tries to talk to them in English.

However because many of the people he speaks to DON’T actually understand English people are furious with him for being so cruel! At one point in the clip he even asks two men if they’re on their period, they nod their heads, and Bartling laughs “ME TOO.” Watch Bartling’s culturally inappropriate prank below then let us know what you think:

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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