Rihanna Gets Lost By Her Lonesome in a MAZE!

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Rihanna Gets Lost By Her Lonesome in a MAZE! image

29-year-old ‘SOS’ singer Rihanna was sending out a signal last night but nobody seemed to be listening!

Backstage at Coachella, Rihanna was wandering along a 3 mile path by her complete lonesome completely LOST!

A source says: “There’s a grass walking path around the whole grounds so you can get from stage to stage. But the path is so long you never know where you are going . . . it’s probably 3 miles long. Rihanna was strolling along casually in a Gucci bodysuit and cutoffs, for a about a mile, and just kept asking for the exit, and no one could help her. She probably stopped three times and all were fails.”

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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