Lindsay Lohan Delivers Energy Drinks to Syrian Refugees

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Lindsay Lohan Delivers Energy Drinks to Syrian Refugees image

Lindsay Lohan has recently been doing some humanitarian work at Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, and then shortly after jetting off to open her new nightclub in Greece.

Now reports are surfacing that Lohan and her team plan on offering energy drinks to refugees! Lohan has purportedly partnered up with German energy drink Mintanine – which is currently available at Lohan’s nightclub – and she plans on offering Mintanine to refugee camps. A source close to Lohan says of the camps: “There’s hardly food, water or anything. so at this point sending anything is helpful.”

Mintanine is marketed as “blue caffeine lemonade” on its official website. Their tagline is: “Blue tastes woohoo????.”

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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