John Mayer Awkwardly Sells Detergent on THE LAUNDRESS

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

John Mayer Awkwardly Sells Detergent on THE LAUNDRESS image

39-year-old singer John Mayer recently collaborated with THE LAUNDRESS, a company that makes very expensive laundry detergent, for his own line of washing liquids!

Mayer is currently promoting his new line of detergent and made a recent video with THE LAUNDRESS about how to hand-wash and fold your own clothes, after using his detergent of course.

Watch the pretty awkward segment below:

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Justin Bieber SLAMMED Against Glass During Ice Hockey Game

22-year-old ‘Sorry’ singer Justin Bieber was just SLAMMED against glass during the 2017 NHL All-STar Celebrity Shootout that occurred at the Staples Center in Los Angeles earlier today. Bieber was playing on 56-year-old Wayne Gretzky’s team which ended up winning while wearing the No. 6 jersey! Bieber was accompanied by CHICAGO FIRE’s Steven R. McQueen ...


Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Melania Trump Adding GLAM Room to The White House!

Incoming U.S. First Lady Melania Trump (46) will be adding a GLAM ROOM to The White House! THE GLAM ROOM is set to be the meeting area for her glam squad to prep her look for the public. According to her official makeup artist Nicole Bryl via a statement to US Weekly: “There will absolutely ...


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