Colin Farrell’s Kids Do NOT Like Donald Trump Because He Keeps Grabbing Kittens!

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Colin Farrell's Kids Do NOT Like Donald Trump Because He Keeps Grabbing Kittens! image

40-year-old actor Colin Farrell appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today in Los Angeles where he promoted his new movie ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.’

He talked about how his kids are currently following the Presidential Election and their opinion of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

He says that his 7-year-old son “wasn’t a huge fan of [Donald] Trump initially. A little bit because of his hair…and now he can’t stand Trump because I had to explain to him why Trump keeps being mean to kittens. He just keeps grabbing those kittens.”

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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