BREAKDOWN: Miley Cyrus Has a Complete Meltdown After Donald Trump Wins 2016 US Presidential Election

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

BREAKDOWN: Miley Cyrus Has a Complete Meltdown After Donald Trump Wins 2016 US Presidential Election image

Alert! Alert! Miley’s having a breakdown…

The 24-year-old ‘Party in the USA’ singer who has openly voiced her support of Hillary Clinton, 69, took to her Facebook page to share her thoughts after the US Presidential Election was announced in favor of the Republican Candidate Donald Trump!

Cyrus says during her live broadcast: “So, probably like most people – well, maybe not, because given the result – maybe I really am different and maybe a lot of people that I’m surrounded by think with open minds and open hearts like I do. I still think that, in [Hillary’s] lifetime, she deserves to be the first female president, and that’s what makes me so sad. I wish she had an opportunity because she fought for so long and because I believe her when she says that she loves this country. This is all she’s ever done; she’s given her life to make it better.” Later on during the broadcast she adds: “Hopefully we adjust and we accept everyone for who they are, and, so, Donald Trump, I accept you. This hurts to say, but I even accept you as President of the United States, and that’s fine, because, now, I want to be a hopeful hippie. I want to be hopeful that you will step in, too.”

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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