Beyoncé Teaches the World her DADDY LESSONS With the Dixie Chicks

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

Beyoncé Teaches the World her DADDY LESSONS With the Dixie Chicks image

35-year-old superstar Beyoncé has just released a new version of her song DADDY LESSONS featuring the Dixie Chicks.

The recording is available as a free download from DixieChicks.com and also on Soundcloud below.

DADDY LESSONS is off Bey’s visual album Lemonade and has a very country feel/influence to it and many think it should have received a Country Music Awards nomination. Fyi Beyoncé performed with the Dixie Chicks at the 2016 CMAs. At the end of the recording – which appears to have been done LIVE – one of the Dixie Chicks tells Beyoncé: “I hope you secretly recorded that.”

Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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Written by: Aaron Fernandes

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