Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Photo Leak Gets Animated, L.A. Artist Posts Photos on Street, Johansson Parties With Ex Justin Timberlake

ScarlettJohanssonMain Scarlett Johanssons Nude Photo Leak Gets Animated, L.A. Artist Posts Photos on Street, Johansson Parties With Ex Justin Timberlake

Scarlett Johansson’s nude photo leak scandal has been generating a lot of buzz lately primarily due to the fact that the FBI are now involved in tracing out the culprits behind the stolen photos.

If you’re not up on the latest deets with this one, Taiwanese media house Next Media have you covered; you can watch their rather hilarious take on the whole story below:

In addition to her work in front of the cameras Scarlett also appears to enjoy private shooting sessions.

In a rather bizarre twist, an L.A. artist has confirmed to the team over at E! News that he is planning on using the same stolen nude photos  in a series of street-art instalments:

The art uses strategically placed stickers to cover Johansson’s naughtier bits, and has already been put up in at least one location in Los Angeles, outside a vacant Hollywood Video store. The unnamed artist, who works under the name XVALA, told our team (E! News) that he is prepared for a legal fight.

We have links to several of the nude photos in question (note that these are hosted on an external site which has in no way any relation to

Scarlett was also apparently interviewed earlier in the year amongst numerous other celebrities also targeted by the hacking ring with regards to the nude photos.

One of the suspected hackers claims that the photos are not his work, tweeting on Monday September 19 2011: “WE DID NOT LEAK THE SCARLETT JOHANSSON PICS, WE WOULD HAVE RELEASED IT HERE FIRST! So stop the speculating!”

In other ScarJo news, the actress was spotted partying hard with her ex Justin Timberlake at the trendy 1oak in New York City.

They arrived at the venue seperately and ended up having a good night in the company of Bradley Cooper, Luke Haas, and Zoe Saldana.

“They all started off at different tables and then Justin, Scarlett, Bradley, Lukas and Zoe all ended up at one table,” a club attendee told OK! magazine, “like a celebrity power table.”

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