Facebook Develop “Hello” – A Caller ID and Blocking App For Android / [VIDEO]

Facebook have developed a new app called ‘Hello’ for Android users. The app pairs your Facebook account and address book for information about someone when they call you – the users’ Facebook information appears on the screen when they call including birthdays and other information. Another key feature is the availability to block unwanted numbers

colette and McDonald’s Collaborate on Capsule Collection of Clothes & Accessories / [PHOTOS]

McDonald’s are collaborating with colette under their Water Bar roof and they will be offering apparel and accessories featuring pictograms of the most popular menu items. The graphics were featured in a poster campaign last year for the fast food chain in France and was created by TBWA Paris. The limited edition collection will feature

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Sequel Release Dates Announced / [VIDEO]

The release dates for the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sequels officially have release dates! The dates were announced during the 2015 ComicCon: Fifty Shades Darker is set for release on February 10 2017 while Fifty Shades Freed will be released the next year on February 9 2018.

Nick Jonas Drinking at Ziggys Bar in Ohio / [PHOTOS]

Nick Jonas was spotted drinking at Ziggys bar in Bowling Green, Ohio. The bar is owned by former Falcon stars Scott Nemeth, Mike Dimas, and Joe Kostlenik. Check out photos above/below and let us know what you think about Nick drinking:

Zendaya Launches Shoe Collection / [VIDEO]

Zendaya Coleman is designing her first ever footwear line in conjuction with her stylist, Law Roach. The collection is set to launch just in time for the back to school season, as reported by In Style: “We plan on doing the best of everything. We’re going to create a good sneaker, and we’re going to

Justin Bieber Gets a Haircut / [PHOTOS]

Justin Bieber has for a long time teased fans with his long bleach blonde hair but he just cut it all off! “This is gone,” he says on an Instagram photo below. Justin was spotted being covered as he leaves Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood (above) and later his haircut in full form:

Gigi Hadid Hangs on a Traffic Light in NYC / [PHOTOS]

Gigi Hadid spotted doing a photoshoot in NYC on April 21. Gigi will soon be celebrating her 20th birthday and was spotted hanging from a traffic light during the shoot. Check out the photos above/below and let us know what you think:

Polaroid’s “Zip” Instant Mobile Printer The Size of a Smartphone! / [PHOTOS]

Polaroid have just unveiled “Zip” – an instant mobile printer the size of a smartphone. It can wirelessly print photos in less than a minute! It’s available for purchase at Photojojo for $130 USD ( 10 prints) and $180 USD ( 110 prints ) here.

Blake Lively’s Whirlwind Fashion Day – Seven Outfits in Five Hours! / [PHOTOS]

27 year old actress Blake Lively did a full day of press yesterday in NYC – and she pulled off changing into seven outfits in five hours! Blake started her morning off at Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly & Michael. She wore different outfits while entering and leaving the studio, she was also

Starbucks Summer Party: Frappuccino Themed Fashion Show in Japan! / [VIDEO]

Starbucks Japan just uploaded the best footage ever – it’s from a fashion show put on to celebrate their “Fruits-on-top-yogurt-Frappuccino®.” “Yogurt” in the video is spotted wearing white bermuda shorts under a blue skirt while “Crushed Nuts” opts for an almond clutch. Check out the amazing clip below and let us know what you think:

50 Year Old Actress Sandra Bullock Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine / [REPORT]

50-year-old actress Sandra Bullock has been named People Magazine’s World Most Beautiful Woman of 2015. The list also includes the likes of Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Gigi Hadid, Gabrielle Union, Shay Mithcell, and Meghan Trainor. “No, really. I just said, ‘That’s ridiculous,’” Sandra told the mag, “I’ve told no one. Real beauty is

Erase Embarrassing Social Media History With New App ‘Clear’ / [PHOTOS]

Clear is a new app that uses a combination of algorithms and IBM’s supercomputer Watson to filter through your social media accounts, analyze your content and see if any is reputation harming for you to review and flag for deletion at will. The app was created by Ethan Czahor who was fired 48 hours after

Who’s That Young Girl? Bruce Jenner Photographed Smoking Cigarette While Wearing a Dress Outside Malibu Home! / [PHOTOS]

Who’s that young girl? Bruce Jenner was just photographed outside his Malibu home while wearing a striped dress and smoking a cigarette. Bruce opted for a long-sleeved black and white garment that features a slit from the knee to hem:

Rihanna Topless and Blonde in Front of Mobil Gas Station For V Magazine / [PHOTOS]

Rihanna covers the summer issue of V Magazine shot by Steven Klein. The Barbadian pop star goes with a topless look and blonde hair and is pictured in front of a Mobil gas station. To pre-order the issue click here.

Third Official Trailer for ‘Tomorrowland’ Starring George Clooney / [VIDEO]

Starting May 22 is ‘Tomorrowland’ which sees George Clooney and Britt Robertson joining forces as fugitives on the run. Clooney and Robertson unravel the mysteries of Tomorrowland – a place somewhere in time and space which was created by Earth’s ‘best and brightest.’ Clooney plays Frank Walker – a disillusioned boy genius – while Robertson

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Favourite Date Spot, Role Model, and Happiest Moment With Teen Vogue / [VIDEO]

Kylie Jenner reveals important secrets during a Teen Vogue segment. “Kylie’s BFFs ask her a series of rapid-fire questions about her favorite date spot, her role model, and her happiest moment.” Watch below and let us know what you think about these amazing revelations:

Big Sean on ‘Tonight Show’ After Ariana Grande Split / [VIDEO]

Big Sean made an appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside Rose Byrne and LL Cool J for a game of Pictionary this past Monday night. The 27 year old star also performed a song for the crowd. This appearance comes after his break up with Ariana Grande after 8 months :-( :

Blake Lively: Daughter James Looks Just Like Ryan Reynolds! / [VIDEO]

Blake Lively appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael to promote her new film ‘The Age of Adaline.’ She chatted about husband Ryan Reynolds and their newborn James (girl). “Now she just smells like poop…he’s in full diaper duty. I think she looks like her daddy. I want a maternity test!” says Blake:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Negotiations For ‘Full House’ Netflix Series / [VIDEO]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are in negotiations to star in the upcoming Netflix version of ‘Full House.’ The now 28 year old twin sisters will be joining the likes of co-stars Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Lori Loughlin. John Stamos revealed the big news during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live: “If we can’t get

Kanye West Writes His Own Cover Story for ‘Paper’ Magazine / [REPORT]

Kanye West covers the latest issue of Paper and surprise surprise – he wrote his own cover story! Key quotes include: “My goal isn’t to ‘break through the fashion world;’ my goal is to make usable sculpture. My goal is to paint. My goal is to be as close to a five-year-old, or a four-year-old,